With the blessings from Acharya Dev Sree Sree Dada and permission from Deogher, we are now ready to receive your Istavrity and other monthly and spl occasion offerings to Deogher in Satsang Canada. A separate bank account has been opened in this regard. We shall start collecting Istavrity effective August 1st, 2018.

As you probably are aware that sending Istavrity on the 30th day is the responsibility of each initiated person (Guru bhai/maa). Some of us use to send money from Canada, some use to send it through our relatives in India/ Bangladesh and some even never sent money as they do not know how and where to send. While you can still continue to send Istavrity money the way you have been doing but you now have a choice to send it to Satsang Canada Istavrity account which is being authorized by Acharya Dev Sree Sree Dada for Canada wide collection.

Every time you send the Istavrity money, you shall receive the “Arghya Prashasti” – Receipt from Nandan da. This “Arghya Prashasti” shall come to you as an attachment in your email from [email protected] . If you do not receive your “Arghya Prashasti” within one week time then you may contact me or Sanjib Das da for Istavrity money received confirmation and issue of receipt.

Every family sending Istavrity or other offerings to Satsang Canada shall be assigned with a unique family code. Please mention your Canadian family code (and India/Bangladesh Istavrity family code) every time you send money.

Procedure on how to send Istavrity and other Offerings:

#1. You can send your Istavrity and other offerings to Satsang Canada through either of the following two different options….

* You may do an e transfer (email money transfer)

* Mail a check to Satsang Canada Centre

Your e transfer or check should be payable to “Satsang Canada”

#2. * Sending through e transfer – The email address that you shall be using for money transfer is “[email protected]” .

Please make sure that the email address is correct. Please make sure to give us the answer to your secrete question that is required for e transfer

* Mailing the check – Please mail your check along with Istavrity details (attached format) to Satsang Canada Centre address. Address to send is…
Satsang Canada

38, Sedgewick Circle

Brampton, Ontario


L7A 2P7

#3. Find attached a copy of Istavrity sending template (attachment #1). Please download this template to your computer and save it. Every time you send Istavrity, please make sure to fill out this form appropriately and send it as an attachment to “[email protected]

#4. Spl. instruction for Swastyayani Holders: Those who are Swastyayani holders, as per Puj. Babai da’s instructions, you can give a maximum of CAD $1.00 / month towards Swastyayani. The excess amount shall fall under Excess Swastyayani column

We are working on putting the Istavrity sending details in our website www.satsangcanada.com . Once your Istavrity money is received, you will receive the “Arghya Prashasti” within 1 week time from [email protected] . This will be your official receipt. Arghya Prashasti template (Attachment #2) is attached for your reference.

This is a new initiative/responsibility. It is obvious that many of us will have questions regarding this initiative and procedure. We welcome your questions and would try to answer as much possible. In the process if any modification is required, we will do the needful. For any questions or concerns regarding the Istavrity matter please contact..

1) Sanjib Das (SPR) – (905) 902-0101; [email protected]

2) Nandan Paul (SPR) – (647) 832-9081; [email protected]

3) Amit Nayak – (905) 781-4186; [email protected]

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